Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prayer for the Second Sunday of Lent

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Lord, you are my light and my salvation . . . whom shall  I fear?  Lord, you are the stronghold of my life . . . I will not be afraid. When negative thoughts overwhelm me or when no one seems to care, and hostile people threaten me, my heart will not fear. I know, in days of trouble you will keep me safe from harm,  for in your perfect love I dwell. I will sing and make music to you O Lord.

You hear my voice when I call, O Lord, you turn to me with kindness and mercy; You answer my prayer in a way and timing that is best for me. You have been my helper. Though there are times when you seem to be  silent and that as if you've forsaken me, in reality and deep within my heart, I know, you can never abandon me. Though my own mother and father, or husband / wife, or partner may leave me, O Lord,  you will never turn your face away from me. You will always receive me, you are always near and I am embraced by your grace.

You teach me your ways, O Lord.  Day by day, you lead me toward a straight path. I am confident and so trusting of your power,  greatness and love for all mankind. I will see your goodness O Lord in the land of the living. Though I may sometime stumble and fall, you keep me alive and your faith in me never waivers. Help me also to trust your strength and wisdom in and through me. With you O God, I will overcome! (Adapted from the Psalm of David, Psalm 27)

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