Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let God Surprise You Today!

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulders."- Charles Morgan
From my rooftop, I looked up the sky early this morning and it was so magnificently blue, so clear, so beautiful,  and utterly peaceful. As above, so below! Never lose that gift of wonder. What is God's surprise(s) for you today?
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“As a child, we always wanted surprises, whether it was a piece of candy, a little toy from the store, or perhaps a trip to our grandmother's. It doesn't take too much to make a child happy. But, as we grow older, the cost of the surprises seem to be more and more. It comes to the point most surprises don't excite us anymore. The flowers lose their smell, and they become limp, after a few days. The candy is never the right kind of chocolate. The clothes never fit. And, who gets cards anymore?

BUT 'Daddy' has endless surprises. He wants you to come to Him, abide in Him, and the surprises are yours for the asking. He loves you more than anyone could ever love you. His tenderness goes beyond that we can show to each other. He says come sit with me, love me with a never-ending love, and I will give you your dreams, and be with you always. What better surprise, than to have Him show up when you most need comforting!”
-Barbara Sanders

Do you want to be blessed by more surprises this Lent? Come and join us in this recollection-workshop!

                                                                              ROAD TRIP
Finding God in Your Life's Journey
March, 16, 2013; 8am-5pm
Venue: Quezon City, Philippines
Fee: P800 per person w/ lunch and snacks
For questions and to reserve a place call 7819140 or send an email to: 

v  walk prayerfully through the many phases of your life
v  discover God as your constant companion on your journey
v  reflect on your transitions in the light of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus
v  uncover the gifts of these transitions

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