Sunday, February 10, 2013

Retreats . . . God Filling Up My Boat

Attending the Holy Mass on a relaxing and calm Sunday afternoon, I heard the homilist  say - "Complaining, doubting and seeing only the negativities of life and the world around you . . . is coming back to shore with an empty boat."  "Giving up and allowing hopelessness to overcome you is coming home empty handed with no joy to bring home."  What does this account got to do with a spiritual retreat?
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Yet,  just like when the apostles who were so distraught for not catching any fish, have  allowed Jesus into their boat and obeying his command for them to cast down their net, doing so despite their misgivings . . . then, after a while, looking back again at the net, they saw it suddenly teeming with fish. And their boat,  which was then empty  . . . is now filled with catch.

Let Jesus come into your boat; heed his invitation and put out your net of faith. Come home with a boat full of aliveness.  To go on a retreat is a way of saying "yes" to that invitation of Jesus so that he may come into your boat. . . you and Jesus together  . . . in this journey of life.

"The unexamined life is not worth living". - Socrates

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