Friday, February 8, 2013

What Is a retreat . . . one that is really good?

Form-wise or outwardly, we can appreciate a good retreat in terms of any or all of the following benchmarks: competence of the speaker or the retreat director, the peaceful ambiance of the venue, soothing music, appetizing food, warm reception, great topic, engaging activities, nice buddies, flowing coffee, etc..  And we're right on the mark since these are all important and valid indicators.

Then again, in terms of our interior or inner life, that is -how the retreat has touched our core being and moved us inside- would seem to me the more significant  way to measure. Did the experience speak to your heart? Was there a connection? A spark? Did it made your spirit come even more alive?
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People, in general, may seem to have the tendency to be so focused on the externals;  and who wouldn't be? After all this is our default as humans.  We want externals to satisfy us, to make us happy. Do they? Initially, yes, but, haven't you noticed that sooner or later same things or individuals or situations that made us happy then will be the same things, individuals or situations that will cause us unhappiness later? Well, that's a little digression and a very long story to discuss now. You don't need to believe this, just take a look at your own experiences. Then, you tell me.

Back to the retreat thing. Yet, we are also "beings" (not only humans), meaning there is an invisible core within us, the spirit, which is what any spiritual  retreat is trying to revive and to connect with? Thus, a good retreat is one that has allowed God to connect with your being, one which has made you experience genuine aliveness from within. Does this depend on the retreat alone? Or, could it be dependent more on the person's degree of allowing or openness?

To me, any retreat experience could be a game changer, that is, if the attendees are malleable enough to allow a miracle to happen.

Goodluck and join our ROAD TRIP recollection-workshop, an offering from Whole-ing Center for Spirituality and Healing, as a way to help you find God in your own life's journey. And who knows, this could also be a game changer for you. Scroll down to Feb, 5 post for details.

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