Sunday, March 3, 2013

On Bearing Fruits of Joy

As a follow up on Sunday's reflections about the fig tree that does not bear fruit, here's some food for thought and for the spirit- Know that we are always a given a fresh chance to experience joy, peace and love and in the process be a light unto others. Yet, a tree can only bear so much fruits if it is cultivated well which requires weeding out of at least three unwanted elements in the soil/landscape of our lives: (1) pride, (2) sloth or laziness, and (3) timidity or cowardice.
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Thus, we can weed out pride slowly but surely first by being watchful (Be vigilant says Christ) of our inner disposition, acknowledging moments that we are boastful, self centered and always wanting to be in control. The best practice instead is to receive and strive to cultivate our gift of humility that we know nothing, to acknowledge God as the Power, the Source behind all our blessings, to be continually dependent upon His grace,  and to count such blessings instead of whining.

We lose momentum by over inactivity and lethargy. We all need to move that body, mind and spirit to keep the whole of us alive and growing. Have you heard of this "Do what you love and love what you do"? Yes, that works; do it whatever that thing may be for as long as it is legal and ethical. Exercise that body through physical work-outs and labor. Keep that mind alive by generating positive and productive thoughts. Read good books. Listen to inspiring people and programs. Get in touch with friends, loved ones and connect with God through prayers both private and public to lift up your spirit. The key to live wholly and joyfully is always found within and inside us. Turning that inner key to open the door of grace and taking small steps of change everyday can spell a gigantic difference over a lifetime. 

Be of a courageous heart. In anything you do, just do your best and allow God to do the rest. For as long as you know that the Lord is actually behind your project or decision, go all the way. We are more than conquerors. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" - Romans 8:31.

Be very blessed!
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